We had a major flood in our house from a broken pipe causing well over $100k+ in damage. O’Neil Industries truly came to the rescue. Within days of contacting them and hiring them they took charge of getting our house back to it’s original state. Not only did they get it back in shape they completely remodeled our house to better than it was prior to the flood. Rob and Dennis took time to make sure every detail was taken care of along with working with the insurance company to make sure we got exactly what was coming to us from the damage caused by the flood.

If you are looking for a company you can trust than I would strongly recommend O’Neil Industries. During the project we took off on vacation for 2 weeks and they kept us in the loop the entire time by updating their builder’s software with pictures and questions about colors and more.

We are already in talks with them to do another project. You can’t go wrong with O’Neil Industries.