In the late summer of 2021, we had the great fortune of contacting and subsequently going under contract for a full remodel of our Cape Coral condo with O’Neil Industries. After three attempts with “local” contractors headquartered in Cape Coral we called owner, Rob O’Neil. He not only answered the phone, but he did so on vacation. That immediately impressed us after dealing with three previous false starts. Upon his return from vacation, we solidified the contract terms and began an amazing contractor team-client relationship that continues and will continue beyond this build. We will likely never build or renovate again, but if we did, I would call O’Neil Industries immediately.

The entire O’Neil team is amazing and works together seamlessly. However, each deserve recognition for traits and talents they bring to the client relationship.

Rob, Owner- Incredibly detailed, organized, innovative, a phenomenal communicator, and most importantly honest. Rob never went for the cheapest solution to a problem. He is a true anomaly in the contracting industry and a pleasure to work with.

Mariah, Showroom Manager-Passionate about the aesthetics but has an incredible amount of contractor/construction knowledge. She cares about the client and their decorative choices. She has an incredible ability to read her clients. She goes the extra mile for clients to include researching material choices and making suggestions. Her incredible suggestions and persuasive positioning of them is the reason our condo is so perfect and beautiful.

Karla, CAD designer-Simply awesome is how to describe her. She met with us once and then came out to measure to create a perfect plan.  This move was a tremendous downsize for us so storage and an open flow for our new home was a must. Karla designed perfect solutions in each room. We have extra storage in all areas and our condo flows seamlessly.

Adam, Project Manager-Without a doubt the person that makes the dream a reality. Adam is detailed, innovative, and persistent when dealing with subcontractors. Adam operates with one thought, “your problem/issue is my problem/Issue.”

Nate, drywall and paint- Those two words do not fully represent his ability, caring and willingness to do any task correctly. Nate is more a master artist than drywall finisher and painter.

Clyde, Master Carpenter-The newest member of the team and one of the best carpenters I’ve met. He is patient and will take the extra steps and time to ensure perfect cuts on very visible items such as crown and base. He is a master craftsman, rather than carpenter.

You would be fortunate to have any one of these people working on your project. As a team, they are amazing and a step above any contractor team we have worked with in several builds and remodels.

Through the vision, client first focus, attention to detail, unsurpassed willingness to not cut corners and a general pleasant nature of everyone at O’Neil Industries, we are now living our dream, in a home we will enjoy for many years to come.