When Running a Remodeling Company, Prepare for Unexpected Remodeling Problems

Remodeling a house is a major undertaking. When it comes to home and condo remodeling, it’s safe to say that there are always going to be unexpected hurdles and surprises. It’s important that when unexpected disruptions do occur, there are systems in place that can handle this.

During remodeling there are many challenges & unforeseen conditions that our company rectifies on a daily basis. At one of our remodels on Sanibel Island we were thrown a major curve ball. The building envelope of this home constructed in 2005 has started to fail due to the following:

  • Poorly executed waterproofing
  • Inferior products utilized
  • Products improperly installed

The builder of this home fell short on hiring quality subcontractors & inspecting their work. Taking pride, inspecting the job and spending a few extra dollars during construction could have mitigated catastrophic damage at this home. Contractors in the past have put temporary band aids but never addressed the root of the problem.

We were originally hired by the homeowners for this project to remodel the kitchen, living room, entertainment center, powder bath, laundry room & staircase. Upon discovering the extent of the damage, we immediately brought in local experts to determine why the envelope has failed on this 15-year-old house. After many hours of investigation, meetings & planning we have resumed this remodel with the hopes of completing this project in time for this family to enjoy holiday dinners in their Florida vacation home. Stay tuned for the progess!

Hiring the right contractor is critical. Our organization, process & team enables us to efficiently attack any problem that is thrown our way regardless of the challenge. If you’re looking to remodel your home or condo in southwest Florida make sure to give O’Neil Industries inc. a call – Phone: (239) 360-1000.