Lee & Collier County Style Kitchen Remodel with a Modern Touch

Over the years, the kitchen has gained popularity as the central, most important room in any home. It enjoys, in most cases, round the clock patronage. Starting from a very early morning breakfast to a late-night snack. The kitchen is a loyal witness to any drama in life.

Whether preparing an important meal for a client or family, surprising a loved one on a special occasion or making a special dinner for the grandchildren, the kitchen is always there.

So, when it comes to planning for a kitchen remodeling project, there are a lot of things to consider so that it will become a room where everybody will feel comfortable and welcome.

At O’Neil Industries, we want your remodeled kitchen to be a perfect combination of good looks and effective functionality.

The picture on the top of this page features a Kitchen Remodeling project where we focused on functionality, spaciousness and entertainment too—it was even featured on Houzz! Some special features include the Cambria Britannica Quartz Countertops. The island pentagon countertop is something that immediately catches one’s eye.

Kitchen Remodel with Stainless Steel Accents in Lee & Collier County

That is a rug and not the flooring in the picture immediately above. It is hand painted by a nationally known designer. O’Neil Industries prides itself on paying attention to all the details, many not easily be appreciated without being specifically guided to. For example, a cosmetically appealing feature is how we incorporated the AC vent blended into the cabinetry. Look closely above the cabinets on the left-hand side. This creative thinking allowed us to raise the ceiling in the kitchen area by 10” making the existing small kitchen feel grand. Another subtle feature is how the Island looks like it has a purpose because the countertop is a little thicker. And finally, the entire new kitchen remodel looks so classy because the cabinetry is inset shaker.

In the pictures that follow, you will find a few different styles of kitchen remodeling projects. The first new kitchen has Amazonas Bianc 8×45 Wood Plank Tiling. Notice on top the white acrylic with LED backlight that gives the room such a bright look. Looking even further closely to the backsplash and you will see it looking very clean, and that is because the outlets are concealed under the cabinetry. Then we show a functionally small kitchen that includes floating shelves. The Island has space for a Pull-Out Trash Bin as well as Pull-Out Organizers.

Small Kitchen Remodel with Floating White Shelves in Lee County

Multi-Use Kitchen Remodel with Washer and Dryer in Collier County

Kitchen remodeling is one of the biggest and most important changes in every home. It reflects the homeowner’s dreams, needs, style, and wishes. The perfect kitchen remodel project has a well-balanced design so it fits everyday usage.

In this next kitchen remodel project, we show how O’Neil Industries does so much more than just Kitchen Remodeling. Certain pictures simply speak for themselves. So here we will just point to the detail with the smoked glass with brushed aluminum frames with backlighting.

The wall on the left separates to the living room and entertainment area.

Smoked Glass with Aluminum Frames and Backlighting in Kitchen Remodel

The next picture shows the other side of the wall from the picture just above. Absolutely perfect for entertaining.

Wet Bar Renovation in Lee & Collier County

This last picture shows the Living Room that we also remodeled as an extension to the New Kitchen Remodeling we completed. Look closely in the hallway and you will see a Salvador Dali painting.

Living Room with Custom Designed Entertainment Center

Contact  O’Neil Industries today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Kitchen Remodeling dreams come true. We look forward to having a great relationship during the process of working together.

“Rob is an absolute pleasure to work with, he stays on top of everything and most of all makes sure that we were satisfied with our kitchen. The kitchen is nicer than I even expected it to be with many extras that really make a difference. All in all a very professional job and a very positive experience.”

Arlene & Lenny Brown

Rob renovated my Naples home last summer. This included a complete demo and new kitchen. The job was done professionally, on schedule, and on budget. My new kitchen is a showpiece and the envy of all my neighbors. After hurricane Irma we discovered significant water damage which required immediate action. Rob stepped up to the plate and responded immediately. This is a sign of a true professional.”

Nick & Ellen Hunter

“O’Neil Industries has renewed our confidence in local contractors here in south Ft. Myers. We met with Rob O’Neil several times prior to contracting his services. We were impressed with his due diligence, professionalism, and attention to details. He provided us with personal attention and accompanied us to suppliers so we could hand pick tiles, counter tops, cabinets, etc.
Our house needed a remodel of the kitchen, living room, hallway, bathroom and all the floors. Because living in a construction zone was not ideal we gave Rob the keys to our house and went to Oregon for the summer. Demolition began the week after we left. Rob sent us pictures daily of the progress being made. He was in constant contact with us making sure we were appraised of every stage of construction as it was happening.
Returning home was such a joy. It was like Christmas. Everything flowed perfectly from floors to ceilings. Our friends couldn’t believe the difference. Rob followed through with everything we had discussed. Any minor imperfections were resolved to our complete satisfaction. We would highly recommend O’Neil Industries for anyone’s remodel. We would be happy to speak to anyone regarding our remodel.”

Jerry & Diane Kosman