Pine Island is the largest island in the state of Florida.  Life here is idyllic; we like to call if Mayberry in the mangroves. No high-rises, no huge developments, not even a traffic light. Your new neighbors may be a grove of palm trees or a pair of bald eagles. Rest assured that whomever they are, they’ll be in pursuit of the same laid-back lifestyle you’re searching for. Pine Island has five distinctive communities to choose from. All close to grocery shopping, churches, social activities and everything else that comes together to create the island lifestyle. The diversity will amaze you – condominiums, single-family residences, acreage, waterfront and vacant land – all tucked away on an intimate island a few miles from Sanibel, Fort Myers and Boca Grande.  To learn more about this location please visit the Pine Island website here.

At  O’Neil Industries, our team of skilled professionals is here to help you create your Pine Island home that fits your family and your lifestyle. We understand that either a whole home remodel or condo remodel is a big project, and we do our best to make it as fun and stress-free as possible, so that you can come home to a place you love.

The picture on the top of this page features a Kitchen Remodel for one of your Pine Island neighbor’s using a large plank tile as the backsplash to create a modern clean feel.  The outlets are underneath the cabinets and the cabinetry is push to open operation which requires no handles.  We finished it off with one of our favorites, a “haiku fan”. And the picture immediately above this section shows a sleek & modern style running into the master bedroom.

In the pictures that follow, you will find us now moving over to Pine Island Bathroom Remodeling projects.    In the first you will notice the blue subway tile installed perpendicular in a 1/3 stagger pattern to create the effect of a waterfall running down the wall. We used the 1/3 stagger on the floor tile as well to create the feeling that the file flows with you as you walk through the bathroom. We finished it off with a linear drain in the shower to create a sleek look as well as create a smooth consistent shower floor pitch for the water to run into. In the second you will notice the shower has the same accent and the faucet utilizes the a similar style as the master bathroom.

In this next picture you will find yet another varying style of Pine Island remodeling, now focusing on the Living Room. Notice the laminate for the backdrop of the built in to bring color & texture to the entertainment center. And of course we need to end with you noticing the beach line seen through the balcony, easy for anyone to visualize when thinking of living here.


Contact O’Neil Industries today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Pine Island Home or Condo Remodeling dreams come true. We look forward to having a great relationship during the process of working together.


We strongly recommend O’Neil Industries. They listened to our requirements. Their creative and functional improvements are the result of expert work, skilled subs, and the best resources and recommendations.  Everything works well, looks beautiful and was on time. The whole experience was excellent and exceptional. We are thrilled!

Ben & Nan Hall