Condo Remodeler Contractor in Naples

We begin with the view you will see much of when in the area.  The project we completed is in the building in between the zig-zag buildings on the right.  The rest of this story focuses on a Naples Condo Remodel offering a modern & clean appeal.

Naples Kitchen Remodeling for Whole Condominium

Since the image above provides a great perspective on the project that we wish to narrow it on some subtle items such as the columns on the right are hiding mechanical elements from the building.  Our goal was to ensure an esthetically pleasing look. Concealed in the columns are plumbing drain lines that run through the building as well as fire alarm wiring.  So while others may see an obstacle, we were able to convert it to a focal point.   Our goal is to help you see the grand vision as well as all the details that go into making it become a reality.

Your Naples condominium should be a reflection of you; it should show your style and suit your needs. A whole condominium remodel is a good way to make sure your home’s interior flows well and is designed the way you’d like it to be.

At O’Neil Industries, our team of skilled professionals is here to help you create a condominium that fits your family and your lifestyle. We understand that a whole condo renovation is a big project, and we do our best to make the remodeling project as fun and stress-free as possible, so that you can come home to a condo you love.

Naples Entry to New Condominium Remodeling

The picture above shows the front entrance leading into the Condo.  As you look towards the left, notice how the baseboard & door casing ties into the shaker kitchen cabinetry.

The next picture shows the perspective from another direction leading into the new kitchen remodeling portion of the project.

 Naples New Kitchen Remodeler for Whole Condominium

The guest bedroom and bathroom has a natural transition from the main areas of the condo.  A subtle example is the same sconce as the front entrance.

Naples Condominium Remodeling with Bedroom

 Naples Condominium Remodeling with Guest Bathroom

The above Guest Bath and following Master Bath is an introduction to our Bathroom Remodeling services.

 Naples Condominium Remodeling with Living Room

And now we move into the remodeled living room.  The color schemes naturally flow from one room to the next.

Naples Condominium Remodeling with Living Room

And finally we turn around to see the remodeled living room and kitchen too with a view outside.  Imagine this Naples resident enjoying the sunrises and sunsets.

Naples Condominium Remodeling Full View

Contact  O’Neil Industries today so that we can schedule an appointment to help make your Condo Remodeling dreams come true. We look forward to having a great relationship during the process of working together.

“I worked with Rob with O’Neil Industries on a remodel at one of our condos in Naples. He was incredibly responsive and had great attention to detail. O’Neil Industries is a highly professional, and more importantly, trustworthy company. Working with O’Neil Industries on this remodel exceeded our expectations and we would definitely use them again on future projects. I would highly recommend O’Neil Industries to anyone.”